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My top 3 Pandemic in Winter Survival Tips

Yesterday morning, I was cozy in bed, getting the hang of daylight savings, when my

son yells ‘Mama! Look outside!’ I jumped up, joined him, and there it was... snow.

To boot, as I opened my weather app to see if more was on the way, I had the rude

awakening that sunset is now 5pm. Cue a long deep breath, here we go. Let’s dive

into useful strategies to cope with a pandemic in winter. We can do this!

There are so many options, but for 3 of my favourite ways to manage mood, energy,

and sanity this winter read on.

#1- Fresh air (and ideally sun) This is so important. I nudge all my patients to get

outdoors as often as possible in winter. I’ve already checked what winter gear fits in

my house, because I know fresh air will be a key antidote to isolation. As well, when

possible, get direct sunlight on your eyes to help stimulate the pineal gland and

melatonin production (which regulates your sleep / wake cycles). So take


#2 – Sweat A natural method of detoxification and a tool to increase circulation,

sweating is a great way to cope through the colder months. You can sweat through

exercise/movement, in a hot tub / sauna, in an epsom salt bath, or a long hot

shower. Whatever you do, get your blood moving and warm yourself up from head

to toe 3-4 days a week or more. You will feel the difference.

#3- Warm food Cook and eat something comforting this winter. From soups, to

stews, elixirs, to teas, there are lots of warm winter foods that feel grounding and

nourishing. These foods help calm and nourish your system, which will be

necessary along the way. Using herbs like ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, or

cayenne will warm you up from the insider out. Who doesn’t love a spicy chai tea in


So, I know that many of you have been worrying about the upcoming winter months,

you are not alone. I know we will find our way, and if you need more support, please

reach out. Let’s take it slowly, and remember the above 3 tips to ease our way



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