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Do you know how the Lymphatic System works?

The lymphatic system is a part of the circulatory system and a crucial part of the immune system. It consists of glands, lymph nodes, the spleen, the thymus gland, and the tonsils.

The lymphatic system has three main functions:

  1. Transporting toxins, immune cells, and messages throughout the body via the lymphatic fluid.

  2. Moving larger endogenous amino acids, proteins, and fatty substances form the gastrointestinal system to the liver.

  3. Storing immune cells and transporting immune signals.

The lymphatic system doesn’t have its own active pumping system and it needs the body’s movement, breathing, intestinal activity, and muscle action to create flow and push the toxins out of the body.

Here are a few ways to help the with flow of the lymphatic system:

  • Exercise - Regular exercise is key for a healthy lymphatic system. Start with less vigorous training sessions, and try to slowly incorporate more intense exercises to your routine. The most stimulating exercise for the lymphatic system is rebounding on a small trampoline.

  • Massage - Massage can help the lymphatic system by improving overall flow. Lymphatic massage in particular, focuses on moving lymph towards the hearts and larger pockets of lymph nodes. The pressure is lighter than most traditional massage.

  • Sauna - The heat of the sauna of the sauna increases heart rate, which helps moves lymph fluid. Toxins are carried away with sweat.

  • Deep Breathing - The pumping action of deep breathing will help the lymphatic system transport the toxins into the blood before they are detoxified by the liver.

  • Whole Foods - Eating whole and nutrient dense foods promotes a healthy lymphatic system. Avoid processed foods high in sugar and unhealthy fats.

Angel Riccio RMT offers a Lymphatic Specific Massage on Monday and every other Saturday.


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