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️New webinar series:

Hormonal Freedom

Original live dates:

Nov 17th - Dec 8th, 2020 

⭐ This 4-week program is designed to leave every woman feeling empowered in her hormonal health.

⭐ We will dive into mood support for; irritability, anger, and anxiety, as well as physical body changes; weight, bloating, and energy. 

⭐ I will show you that feeling good doesn't have to be complicated and that we can support our hormones with the power of nutrition, herbal medicine, supplements and lifestyle.

Registration closes on Sunday November 15th at 10 pm. Pre-registration is required.


The information shared does not constitute doctor-patient relationship. Please always consult with a health care provider. 

When: November 17-December 8. Tuesdays 7-8 pm.

Where: Live on Zoom webinar. 

Each week will be recorded and emailed to you after the Live session.

Host: Dr. Rachel Schwartzman, ND

Week 1: Tuesday November 17

Back to the Basics.

We will begin by diving into how hormones are interconnected, and how they have a direct affect on our energy levels and mood. We will talk about the changes hormones go thru as we get older, and the ways we can support them for hormonal freedom.  

Week 2: Tuesday November 24

Nutrition and Plant Medicine.

This week is all about balancing your cycles, and supporting those changing hormones with natural medicine. We will dive into the benefits of herbal medicine, supplements and nutrition on the hormonal system. 


Week 3: Tuesday December 1

Setting up our life for Hormonal Freedom.

Let's talk about how hormones need routine, take a peek at what's in the cupboards, and look at the environmental effect on the hormonal system. I truly believe small changes in our lifestyle have a huge impact on our hormonal health. 


Week 4: Tuesday December 8

The Mighty Liver.

Oh those hormonal symptoms; Irritability, Moodiness, Hot flashes, Heavy cycles, Headaches, Cramps.....the list goes on.  We will focus on the integral role of the liver, it’s connection to hormonal imbalances and discuss ways to support our bodies as we get older.

By the end of these sessions you should feel empowered to support yourself and loved ones on the road to hormonal freedom. We can all have hormonal freedom.


️4 week webinar series:

Staying Healthy through the Fall and Beyond

Original live dates:

Sept 22nd - Oct 13th

The foundation to a healthy immune system begins with the basics. I'll be diving into the importance of routine for hormones and the immune system, how sleep is the foundation of health, and why everyone needs a little dirt in their lives.


My focus during these 4 weeks will be;
⭐ evidence based medicine. I love research and I'll be sharing the facts.
⭐ practical tips to guide you at home from babies to adults
⭐ how to manage colds, coughs + fevers
⭐ some of my favourite diy + recipes

⭐ to empower you thru the change of seasons

Registration closes on Sept 20th at 10 pm. Pre-registration is required. 

️The information shared does not constitute doctor-patient relationship. Please always consult with a health care provider.

Where: Live, online sessions (Update: series recordings are now available)

Host: Dr. Rachel Schwartzman, ND

Week 1: Tuesday September 22

Nutrition + Plant Medicine. 

This week we will begin with nutrition and herbs. I will share some herbal medicine tips to manage coughs and colds, and discuss the immune properties of foods. 

Week 2: Tuesday September 29

Let’s chat Supplements. What do we really need to take?

I will talk about babies, young kids, teens and adults. My approach is maximum support without breaking the bank. 

Week 3: Tuesday October 6

Rhythm + Routine.

The foundation to a healthy immune system begins with the basics. 'll be diving into the importance of routine for hormones, how sleep is the foundation of health, and everyone needs a little dirt in their lives. 

Week 4: Tuesday October 13

Optimizing Digestion.

All things microbiome. We will jump right to how our immune health begins in the gut, and how we support it with nutrients.

Position Yourself for Success!

10am to 11am

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Looking for guidance on breastfeeding positions? Looking to fine tune or master what you are currently doing? Join Melanie Jacobson ND IBCLC as she takes you through laid back and side lying positions in detail. Following along with your baby will be most helpful. Melanie will be able to give you feedback on your set-up, latch and identify if you need more individualized care.

The zoom call will be in meeting mode and you will have the option to turn on your microphone and camera to allow for interaction and feedback for those who are comfortable.


The information shared does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Please always consult with a health care provider.

Host: Dr. Melanie Jacobson ND LC

Cost: $25 + HST

Zoom link will be emailed prior to the class.


Semi Private Postnatal

Yoga Classes

with yoga instructor/RMT Lisa Falla

Thursdays, 10 am - Starting March 5th

75-minute classes for 6 weeks

This class is ideal for mums who are 12+ weeks into their postpartum journey and looking at safely getting back into a yoga or a fitness routine. The focus will be more restorative to encourage continued healing, education and connection to your deep core in subtle ways, progressing to simple functional movement-based postures and exercises. The smaller classes will also permit for more individualized attention and potential for hands on care.

Babies are welcome but will not be incorporated into the actual class.

Cost: $200 for 6 weeks.


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