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When: last Monday of every month, January to June

Time: 7-8 pm

Where: Live on Zoom. Recordings will be sent out after the live

Registration for 6 sessions: $249


You can also register here for the upcoming individual session:

Jan 30 - Homeopathy 101 For the Whole Family ($50)

Session List:


January 30: Homeopathy 101 for the Whole Family. I will share the top remedies to have at home, and how to use them. We will discuss coughs, colds, fevers, digestive and sleep issues.


February 27: Stress + Anxiety. How to manage and support our nervous system for those big and small. I will teach you about the cortisol steal, and why stress has a huge impact on hormones and mood.


March 27: Perimenopause. These years don't have to be terrible. We will learn ways we can manage sleep, mood, energy and weight fluctuations.


April 24: Preteen to Teen Health. Let's set them up for many great years to come. Focus will be on hormones, xenoestrogens, and nutrition.


May 29: Hormonal Freedom: I will dive into hormonal regulation, PMS, and fertility support. Let's get empowered in our hormones.


June 26: Vitality. We will discuss ways to support energy and mood, so we can be our best self. I will dive into supplements + herbs and what we really need to take. (hint: it's not that much!)

2023 Webinar Series

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