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Missed the original live webinar, or need a refresher on the info I shared the first time around? Welcome to the Hormonal Freedom webinar series VIDEO PLAYBACK.


The inspiration for this series comes from the things I most hear patient's asking for support in my clinical practice; sleep, digestion, mood, and energy. I truly believe to be our best, we need to feel our best. 

My focus during these 4 weeks will be;

⭐ evidence based medicine

⭐ practical tips to help you feel your best

⭐ discuss the hormone mood connection

⭐ some of my favourite diy + recipes


Week 1: Rest. The Sleep Solution.

Week 2: Fuel. All things Digestion.

Week 3: Connect. Burnout is Real.

Week 4: Flow. Let's Get Energized

4 Pillars of Health - Video Playback

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