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How are your kids doing? What I’m seeing is a real mixed bag of emotion, needs, behaviour, and responses by the kids in my personal and professional lives.

♥️As you may know, there have been an uptick in mental health concerns in kids in the last 18 months.

♥️In fact, at least 62% of parents say the pandemic has exacerbated mental health challenges for at least one of their kids.

♥️Many parents are feeling helpless. That’s why I designed this 4 week webinar Kids Mental Wellness 101, where I’ll guide you along roadmap to supporting your kids right now.

♥️This is a course for parents who need assistance figuring out where to begin, or are specifically oriented to a natural approach, and/or those who are on a waitlist for further mental health services for their children.

Workshop Kids Mental Wellness 101 - Video Replay

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