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Missed the original live webinar, or need a refresher on the info I shared the first time around? Welcome to the Staying Healthy through the Fall and Beyond webinar series VIDEO PLAYBACK.

The foundation to a healthy immune system begins with the basics. I'll be diving into hormones and the immune connection, how sleep is the foundation of health, what supplements we really need to take, and why everyone needs a little dirt in their lives.


My focus over the 4 week series:

  • evidence based medicine. I love research and I'll be sharing the facts.

  • practical tips to guide you at home from babies to adults

  • how to manage colds, coughs + fevers

  • some of my favourite diy + recipes

  • to empower you thru the change of seasons


Week 1: Nutrition + Plant Medicine

Week 2: Let’s chat Supplements. What do we really need to take?

Week 3: Rhythm + Routine

Week 4: Optimizing Digestion

Staying Healthy through the Fall and Beyond Webinar Series - Video Playback

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