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Missed the original live webinar, or need a refresher on the info I shared the first time around? Welcome to the Hormonal Freedom webinar series VIDEO PLAYBACK.


This series is focused on all things kids health. From babies to teenagers, we will discuss raising healthy kids. Each week I will focus on a topic and share how we can support our kids when they are not feeling their best.

During these 4 weeks I share;

⭐ Nutrition. What do kids really need to eat.

⭐ Supplements. What do they really need take.

⭐ How to manage when they're unwell

⭐ My favourite diy + recipes.


Week 1: Let's Start with the Basics.

Week 2: Plant Medicine + Supplements.

Week 3: All things Immune Support.

Week 4: Hormone Support

For Healthy Roots Webinar Series - Video Playback

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