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Fall Cleansing 101

The days have certainly cooled down, and hopefully all of you have had a chance to

check out some of the amazing colourful leaves. It’s official: We are in full fall… But

did you know, that means this is the perfect time for a cleanse? Ever thought about

doing one? Think it's nutty / too hard / not for you? Read on for some no nonsense tips

about cleansing, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a change of heart!


In this day and age, we are exposed to an unprecedented amount of toxins and

chemicals. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the

medications we may take. Research shows babies are born with chemicals in their

blood before they’ve even taken their first breath. There is literally no way to avoid these

toxins altogether. Some of us are exposed to more than others (i.e. through work,

physical location, or lifestyle). And some of us are better at ridding ourselves of them

than others. This could be based on our individual genes, or various diet and lifestyle

choices. In any case, we are all affected. Our bodies did not evolve to handle all these

chemicals, and this new toxic load is consistently being associated with various health

concerns. It has been linked to everything from fertility concerns, to cancer, to

neurological disorders, to autoimmune issues, and more.


I define cleansing very broadly. I think it includes anything that decreases the burden on

our organs of detoxification (i.e. our lungs, kidneys, liver, gut, and skin). It can be as

simple as avoiding cow’s dairy for a few weeks, or more complex as combining a

therapeutic diet, with various supplements, and lifestyle measures like dry skin brushing,

saunas, castor oil packs, etc. I would even say that cleansing can involve a shift in

behaviours no longer serving us, like a break from social media, or purging our closets.


At this stage in my practice, I recommend all patient practice detoxification ideally on a

yearly basis. Of course, I individualize my approach based on the patient in front of me.

Their age, their current health, their exposure level, and their ability to comply would all

be factored into my recommendation. A prime candidate for a cleanse is a woman

getting ready to conceive. But all of us can benefit in some way.


The fall is an ideal time to cleanse. It is nestled perfectly between the decadence of

summer, and cold and flu season in winter. Spring is another great time to cleanse as

we come out of the deep cold of winter.

So, have I got you thinking? What are you waiting for! You still have time this fall to look

at your habits and your health. You won’t be sorry you did!

~Dr. Peltz

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