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Feeling tired, sluggish, or depressed? B12 injections might be for you!

Vitamin B12 (or Cobalamin) is the most well known of the ‘B Vitamins’. This a

group of 8 vitamins that play a role in metabolism, energy production, building

red blood cells, and much more. B12 is also one of the most common nutrient

deficiencies in North America. In part, this is because it is primarily found in

animal foods, and less represented in plants. As well, when consumed orally (in

food or supplements) good absorption is reliant on sufficient stomach acid.

Unfortunately, for various reasons (i.e. stress, inflammation, over the counter

medications, and more), many of us have low stomach acid, and therefore are

inefficient at absorbing our B12. For these reasons, B12 is often recommended

as an injection. When given this way, it bypasses the digestive tract going

straight to the cells that need it. Sounds pretty great right?

Who can benefit from B12 injections?

  •  Any person suffering from low mood, irritability or depression

  •  Any person experiencing fatigue or trouble sleeping

  •  Anyone trying to lose weight

  •  Anyone with nerve pain, tingling, numbness or "foggy" thinking.

  •  Anyone suffering from hormonal imbalance (thyroid dysfunction, peri-menopause)

  •  Anyone with digestive disorders (IBS, Crohn's, celiac, food sensitivities)

  • Elderly persons

  • Vegans and vegetarians

  • Any person on medication to treat acid reflux or diabetes

Did you know that Dr. Stephanie Peltz, ND offers B12 injections at Dupont

Naturopathic? She selects from various forms of B12, doses, and intervals

based on her patient’s medical history and current health goals. She works with

her patients to optimize their B12 along with many other nutrients in her thorough

naturopathic protocols addressing her patients specific needs.

Curious? Book a 15 min complimentary naturopathic consult with Dr. Peltz, ND

to make a plan, and consider joining our charitable B12 pop up at the clinic 5-7

pm Oct 6th to experience one for yourself. Let’s get you on track for a healthy and

happy fall!

Follow the link to book with Stephanie:


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