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Gummies for health?

Have you ever made therapeutic gummies? They’re so easy, and very effective. Ever since I introduced these treats into rotation I can literally stop my kids’ colds in their tracks. Less days off school for them, meaning less days off work for me = win win win!


2 tsp tea leaves or 2 Cold Formula teabags. (At the clinic we have Dr Dori’s Pregnant & Sneezing loose leaf tea - safe for kids, pregnant mamas and everyone else. If you can’t get in to get this delicious blend Traditional Medicinals makes an excellent Cold Formula tea as well).

3 tbsp Elderberry Syrup Concentrate

1 tbsp Raw Honey - more effective at stopping coughs than over the counter cough syrups

⅓ cup unflavoured pure gelatin aka Unhydrolyzed Collagen Powder - This makes them gel and adds a significant protein component, making these little gems actual nutritional powerhouses.

Vegetarian version - use agar agar powder in place of gelatin

Optional: ½ tsp Scorbate or Vitamin C powder

In addition to the Vitamin C this acts as a natural preservative, helping them last longer in the fridge.


1: Brew tea in 2 cups of boiling water. Allow to steep minimum of 15 mins, longer if time allows.

2. Mix in honey & Elderberry syrup & optional Vitamin C powder

3. Whisk in Gelatin or Agar Agar powder.

4. Pour into silicone molds and allow to set in the fridge

Dole them out to the kids as needed. Tastes like candy, cures a cold.

Cautions: must be kept in the fridge and used within a week. Not suitable for children under 1 year of age (honey) The amount of medicinal ingredients in the entire batch would not harm a child if eaten all at once. That said, I wouldn’t recommend consuming this entire recipe in one sitting. 4-5 gummies per day is plenty.

Dr. Dori Skye Engel ND holds a walk in clinic on Friday mornings at Dupont Naturopathic Family Centre


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