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Planning Through a Pandemic: Tips for Families who are Expecting

Pandemic pregnancies can feel scary, with limited in-person services and support groups, along with strict public health guidelines. You might have feelings of isolation or worry as you limit contact with loved ones and friends, the very people that you would depend on for help once the baby arrives. Planning for your postnatal experience is even more important now with a pandemic pregnancy. With knowledge and planning under your belt, you feel more confident going into the birth as you will know exactly what to expect once the baby arrives.

Here are some helpful tips for pandemic postnatal planning:

Meal planning

Start cooking double recipes of your favorite soups, stews and casseroles from fresh

ingredients while you are in your third trimester. Freeze half of it for those early

postnatal weeks when the last thing you will have energy for, is to cook fresh

wholesome meals.

Your friends and family want to support you, even if they can’t do so in-person right

now. Let them know what your favourite snacks and meals are so they can leave you

contactless care packages at your door.

Stock up your pantry with your favourite healthy snacks, for example, nuts, seeds, dried

fruit, healthy granola bars, nut butter, healthy crackers.

Do your research

Who are the postnatal professionals are in your area? Who is providing virtual and in-

person support. At this point in the pandemic, not all services are available so it is good

to know who to call if you run into challenges.

Get in the know

Educate yourself on what to expect in the first weeks with a newborn. If you are ready

for it, then it will feel less overwhelming. Understand how breastfeeding works so that you know the steps to take to start feeding your baby with ease.

Establish a new mommy mindset

Daily relaxation exercises and visualization can help you feel calm leading up to the

birth. Practice some mommy mantras to increase your confidence for your journey ahead.

Feeling calm and confident leading up to the birth and breastfeeding can decrease your

feelings of stress or worry.

The right education under your belt and the certainty that professional support is ready to assist you once the baby has arrived can soften the worry and diminish the self-doubt that you might be experiencing leading up to the birth of your baby.

Looking for more tools to help prepare you for the birth to breastfeeding, check the free guide that all expecting moms can benefit from, The 5 Key Steps for a Worry-free Start to Breastfeeding.

Melanie Jacobson ND, Lactation Consultant

After studying at the University of Toronto and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, I gained valuable international experience in the United Kingdom and Australia. The knowledge and experience acquired from working and living abroad has been indispensable to me as a practitioner and mother. I have since received my IBCLC designation to provide lactation consultations and expanded my clinical practice to focus on postnatal wellness and breastfeeding support at Dupont Naturopathic Health Centre.


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