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Why Babies and Mommies Love Being Side Lying

If your postpartum experience is anything like mine was, being horizontal at any point in the day is amazing. But with a newborn in tow, it’s not always easy to put your feet up for a rest. This is one of the reasons why many parents love side-lying breastfeeding position.

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to lie down to feed your baby, side lying breastfeeding offers other advantages also:

- Infant is completely supported by the bed or couch, allowing for straight alignment and no need to hold the back of their head and neck.

-Infants may be more relaxed with latching and opening their mouth wide with less handling of the head and neck.

-Skin to skin is easily achieved

-Eye contact with mom is effortless and encouraged

-If angled appropriately, nipple and breast feel comfortable

To get into this position:

- The surface must be comfortable yet firm and free of any pillows, blankets and stuffies

-Mommy lies side-lying, tummy to tummy with baby, skin to skin

-You will be feeding with the bottom breast

-Align baby’s nose with the nipple. Sometimes a folded cloth or blanket is needed to prop up the breast so that the nipple is vis-à-vis the baby’s nose.

-Hold baby in close with the top hand, at their shoulder blades.

-You will want baby to open wide and lift chin to latch on, so that the nipple angles to the roof of baby’s mouth. As baby is latching, hold baby in close.

-Enjoy and relax!

For more answers to your breastfeeding questions and other tips and tricks, Melanie Jacobson ND IBCLC is available for individual and group appointments. You can also do a 15 minute free discovery call to find out how Melanie can best support you.


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